Creating Quality Homes With Customer Style

Todd Collins of Collins Construction is a very versatile, creative builder and remodeler. His main objective is to build a custom home or remodel an existing home to create a unique living space that reflects his clients' personality.

He explains, "Each customer has their own style," and so should their home. This is what I strive for as a custom builder...making each home and project 'fit' those who will live there." When discussing projects with customers, he will often ask them "How will the space be utilized?" This allows him to better tailor the spaces to the customer.

Todd was born and raised in the Columbus, OH. area, and attended Ohio State University and Akron University. While attending Ohio State, Todd began working with a local building company to help offset college tuition. Upon his transfer to Akron University, he started to do small projects on his own. After eventually building his own home, he began building and remodeling for others.